Class of 2017

Casey Aldridge

Casey Aldridge ’17 joined in on family tradition when he decided to become a 49er. His parents both attended UNC Charlotte, but it was the opportunity to travel and the community of scholars offered by the Levine Scholars Program that drew him to Niner Nation.

Bailey Allen

The unparalleled access to resources that would help prepare him for medical school greatly influenced Bailey Allen’s ’17 decision to become a Levine Scholar. When making that decision, the biology major and public health minor felt that the Levine offered the most complete package of any scholarship he received in terms of mentoring, faculty, access to research, internship placement and more. “Through the Levine Scholars Program (LSP), I have been able to develop amazing relationships with some of the most influential people I have ever met.

Jaden Barney

The emphasis on civic engagement drew Jaden Barney ’17 to join the Levine Scholars Program. This mechanical engineering major and women’s and gender studies minor  said she had never heard of a program that trusted students and believed in the passion of students so much that they would give them control over creating their own initiatives. “If you want a place where you can contribute to a culture and have a bigger purpose than just attending college for your degree, the Levine Scholars program is the place for you.”

Isabella Calpakis

Isabella Calpakis ’17 is an economics and communication studies major with a minor in public health. Although she came to Niner Nation from New York, she has adapted to Southern life and come to call UNC Charlotte her home. After meeting the alumni class of 2014, Isabella knew that this was a program that she wanted to join. “The Levine Scholars Program will undeniably change your life – it will challenge you, refine you, support you, and most of all, make you the best version of yourself.

Vincent Cahill

It was UNC Charlotte’s diversity that initially attracted Vincent Cahill, a chemistry, economics and political science major, to the campus. “Students are present from every walk of life, and it seems as though everyone can find their niche. This campus is building, growing and improving, and there has never been a more exciting time to be a student on this campus.” Vincent has found a portion of his niche within the Levine Scholars Program.

Jefferson Cooper

The strong engineering college and great opportunities in Charlotte drew Jefferson Cooper ’17, a computer engineering major with a minor in mathematics, to UNC Charlotte. Since his arrival on campus he has become a proud 49er, which he defines as someone who wholly supports our athletic teams and University. Not only has Jefferson found a community within the broader UNC Charlotte campus, he has found a home within the Levine Scholars Program. “This scholarship is like no other; you will not regret being a Levine Scholar.”

Addison Goff

Addison Goff ’17 is a marketing major with a minor in public health. She chose the Levine Scholars Program because it provides a smaller, supportive community within a larger university setting. She knew that the Levine would allow her to participate in experiences that otherwise would not be possible through financial assistance, programmatic support and mentorship to help her grow academically and professionally.

Caroline Fowle

After visiting campus and meeting the current Levine Scholars during the Finalist Program, Caroline Fowle ’17 said she met people whom she wanted to emulate. She saw the students as not only driven and smart, but also genuinely kind, supportive, and committed to bettering the community. “Levine Scholars are an eclectic group of introverts, extroverts, musicians, dancers, problem-solvers, football-lovers and futbol-lovers.” Caroline, who is majoring in economics with minors in Chinese and Spanish, also fell in love with Charlotte.

Eileen Jakeway

The genuine openness of the Levine Scholars that Eileen Jakeway ’17 met during her Finalist Program drew her to accept the Levine Scholarship. “The most important quality of a Levine Scholar is not their intelligence – there are plenty of smart students at other schools – but how they use that knowledge to form relationships with others and the world around them.” Eileen credits the positive relationships that she has built with UNC Charlotte faculty for her growth academically and for helping her recognize her dream of earning a Ph.D. in comparative literature.